Nepal Basketball Academy

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Registration No: 834 / 063

Registered date: 26.02. 2007 AD      (BS 2063 | 11 | 14)

PAN NO: 302502691

Social Welfare Council Affiliation No: 21864

Nepal Basketball Association is recognized as the INCOME TAX FREE social organization by Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue Department.

Nepal Basketball Association is member organization of AYON (Association of Youth Organization in Nepal)

Nepal Basketball Academy Logo


Nepal Basketball Academy (NBA) was registered with Nepal Government District Administration Office Kathmandu on 2063.11.14 and was affiliated with Nepal Government Social Welfare Council on 2063.11.23. NBA is recognized as the INCOME TAX FREE social organization by Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue Department. NBA is one of the active member organizations of AYON (Association of Youth Organization in Nepal).

NBA is non-political & non-profitable Non Governmental Social Organization established to develop and promote the beautiful sport of Basketball in Nepal.

Purpose of NBA

  1. To organize the promotional events / programs to develop basketball in Nepal.
  2. To organize training/coaching program for different age groups.
  3. To develop the level of basketball in Nepal.
  4. To participate in different basketball tournaments / events in Nepal and abroad.
  5. To organize basketball related seminars, conferences, workshops.
  6. To organize basketball referee / coaches training to develop the technical aspects of basketball.
  7. To organize in local, national and international levels basketball championships / tournaments.
  8. To promote basketball in the lower/ground level.
  9. To develop basketball professionally in Nepal.

Mr. Dinesh Thapa is the Founder/President of Nepal Basketball Academy.

  1. pratiksha ghimire says:

    i am a bachelor’s level student and i want to play basketball. I was searching for clubs that offer basketball training then i came to know about this. how can you help me?? i want to take training classes.please reply me if u can help.

  2. suvansu says:

    where is it

  3. Divin Rai says:

    where is this place?

  4. trilok bujhel says:

    where is it

  5. trilok bujhel says:

    i wanna join the team

  6. raunab says:

    where is it??????

  7. Nischal Budhathoki says:

    i wanna play plz tell me the address..???

  8. Sushan sunuwar Of (KES) says:

    I m a school player. I wanna be a basketball player in future. And play for Nepal. Is it possible?
    I study in (KES) Kathmandu English School. And I heartly wanna join the team

  9. Sushan sunuwar Of (KES) says:

    Where is it?

  10. rubina says:

    i want to play a basketball but i need a training

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