2nd SABA Championship for Men (2013)

2nd SABA Championship for Men is held in Dhaka Bangladesh from 17 to 21 January 2013. After India, Afghanisthan and Srilanka pulled out of the championship, remaining 5 teams of SAARC are playing for the title. Citycell of Bangladesh is the title sponsor of the championship.

Team Nepal: Sadish Pradhan is the captain of the side, which also features Bikram Joshi, Yuktaram Bhakta Mathema, Rajeev Joshi, Binod Shrestha, Binod Maharjan, Sanjay Byanjankar ‘A’, Sanjay Byanjankar ‘B’, Subrat Rajopadhyaya, Sushil Gurung, Paresh Shrestha and Sujan Pun. Dinesh Nakarmi is the coach while Bikash Shahi is his assistant. Nepal Basketball Association President Lama Tendi Sherpa is head of the delegates.

The Championship is played in league format with all the 5 participating teams playing with each other. The team that accumulates the most points will be declared winner of the 2nd SABA Championship for Men.


Day 1

Nepal 82 – 57 Maldives
Bangladesh 89 – 44 Bhutan

Day 2

Nepal 64 – 71 Bangladesh
Maldives 62 – 88 Pakistan

Day 3

Maldives 74 – 57 Bhutan
Nepal 67 – 78 Pakistan

Day 4

Nepal 96 – 42 Bhutan
Bangladesh 77 – 68 Pakistan

Day 5

Bangladesh 69 – 54 Maldives
Pakistan – Bhutan

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