#U16Srilanka is all set to start at Colombo

Posted: November 21, 2013 in International NEWS
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Press Meet

Press Meet

The stage is all set at Colombo, the capitol city of Sri Lanka for the 3rd FIBA ASIA U16 Championship for Women scheduled to be held from 23rd to 30th November 2013.

Total of 12 teams are qualified to participate in the third edition of the championship which will be played in the two levels. Following are the teams qualified for the championship.


  1. China (CHN)
  2. Chinese Taipei (TPE)
  3. India (IND)
  4. Japan (JPN)
  5. Korea (KOR)
  6. Malaysia (MAS)


  1. Hong Kong (HKG)
  2. Jordan (JOR)
  3. Kazakhstan (KAZ)
  4. Sri Lanka (SRI)
  5. Indonesia (INA)
  6. Thailand (THA)

The 12 teams are divided into two Levels – the elite Level I and the qualifying Level II. Each team will play all the other teams in their Level in the Preliminary Round. The top four teams from Level I will qualify for the Semifinals.

This is the first time that Sri Lanka is hosting a FIBA Asia event. The top three teams from the 3rd FIBA Asia U16 Championship for Women will represent FIBA Asia in the 2014 FIBA World U17 Championship for Women which will be played at Bratislava (Slovak Republic) from July 10-July 20, 2014.

FIBA ASIA U16 Trophy

FIBA ASIA U16 Trophy

Japan are the defending champions of the championship. Japan and Korea represented FIBA Asia at the 2012 FIBA U17 World Championship for Women in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Japan finished fourth, while Korea finished 9th. Two of the Japanese players – Yunika Nakamura and Evelyn Mawuli went on to make the All Stars team for the tournament.

China were the Champions of the inaugural FIBA Asia U16 Championship for Women at Pune (India) in 2009 and then went on to win the bronze medal at the inaugural 2010 FIBA U17 World Championship for Women in France.



  • 23/11/2013: L II Kazakhstan VS Thailand
  • 23/11/2013: L II Indonesia VS Jordan
  • 23/11/2013: L I Japan VS India
  • 23/11/2013: L I Ch. Taipei VS Malaysia
  • 23/11/2013: L I Korea VS China
  • 23/11/2013: L II Hong Kong VS Sri Lanka
  • 24/11/2013: L II Kazakhstan VS Hong Kong
  • 24/11/2013: L II Thailand VS Indonesia
  • 24/11/2013: L I Ch. Taipei VS Japan
  • 24/11/2013: L I China VS India
  • 24/11/2013: L I Malaysia VS Korea
  • 24/11/2013: L II Jordan VS Sri Lanka
  • 25/11/2013: L II Hong Kong VS Jordan
  • 25/11/2013: L II Indonesia VS Kazakhstan
  • 25/11/2013: L I Japan VS China
  • 25/11/2013: L I Korea VS Ch. Taipei
  • 25/11/2013: L I India VS Malaysia
  • 25/11/2013: L II Sri Lanka VS Thailand
  • 26/11/2013: L II Indonesia VS Hong Kong
  • 26/11/2013: L II Thailand VS Jordan
  • 26/11/2013: L I Korea VS Japan
  • 26/11/2013: L I Malaysia VS China
  • 26/11/2013: L I Ch. Taipei VS India
  • 26/11/2013: L II Kazakhstan VS Sri Lanka
  • 27/11/2013: L II Thailand VS Hong Kong
  • 27/11/2013: L II Jordan VS Kazakhstan
  • 27/11/2013: L I Malaysia VS Japan
  • 27/11/2013: L I India VS Korea
  • 27/11/2013: L I China VS Ch. Taipei
  • 27/11/2013: L II Sri Lanka VS Indonesia


  • 29/11/2013: SF1 Level I # 2 VS Level I # 3
  • 29/11/2013: SF2 Level I #1 VS Level I #4
  • 30/11/2013: 3/4 PLC Loser SF1 VS Loser SF2
  • 30/11/2013: Final Winner SF1 VS Winner SF2

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