SABA Qualifying round will be tougher for Nepal against SABA Giants

Posted: June 2, 2013 in International NEWS

South Asian Basketball Association (SABA) qualifying round for the 27th FIBA ASIA Championship for Men will be held in New Delhi (Tyagraj Stadium), India from June 2 – 4, 2013. FIBA ASIA Championship for Men the highest level of championship of ASIA and the its qualifying round in SABA is the most highest level of basketball championship (qualifying round) in SABA.


Nepal is participating in the championship along with Hosts India and South Asian Games (SAG 2010) gold medalist Afghanistan. only 3 countries out of the 8 countries of SABA are participating in the qualifying round. Nepal will be competing with the top two teams of the SABA; Afghanistan and India in the qualifying round. It will be tough for Nepal to compete with the SABA giants but the young players of Nepal will gain valuable experience for the future.


Following are the members of the Nepal Men’s National Team.

  1. Paresh Shrestha
  2. Sanjay Byanjankar Jr.
  3. Sanjay Byanjankar Sr.
  4. Sujan Pun
  5. Manesh Rajopadhaya
  6. Ashim Shrestha
  7. Anish Shahi
  8. Rajiv Joshi
  9. Sushil Gurung
  10. Siddhartha Maharjan
  11. Binod Shrestha
  12. Bibek Shrestha

Coach: Dinesh Chandra Nakarmi

Asst. Coach: Rabindra Maharjan

With some new young players in the team, the experience they gain in the qualifying round will be beneficial for the future of Basketball in Nepal.

Best of Luck to the team.

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