10th Prime Cup: DAY 4 results

Posted: December 5, 2012 in National NEWS

Game 1: Category:Boys pre quaterfinals: Rosebud(36) Vs National Campus(66)

Qtr 1:4-23
Qtr 2:7-12
Qtr 3:11-21
Qtr 4:12-10
HighestScore:Rosebud:Bijen(12),National campus:Bibek(14)

Game2: Category: Boys pre quaterfinals :Premier(56) Vs Xavier(59)

Qtr 1:06-08

Qtr 2:11-16

Qtr 3:07-15
Qtr 4:32-20
HighestScore: Premier: Raju Katel(32),Xavier: Niroj(17)

Game 3: Category: Boys Pre quaterfinals: Morgan(65) Vs NASA(54)

Qtr 1:13-16
Qtr 2:23-14
Qtr 3:10-11
Qtr 4:19-13
HighestScore: Morgan:Narahari Gautam(65),NASA:Bijay Lama(18)

Game4: Category: Boys Pre quaterfinals: GoldenGate(57) Vs Liverpool(35)

Qtr 1:12-07
Qtr 2:17-07
Qtr 3:17-05
Qtr 4:11-18
HighestScore:GoldenGate: Ujawal Thapa(12), Liverpool:sumit khatri(15)

Game 5: Category: Girls league Gurukul(52) Vs Bernhardt(27)

Qtr 1:09-02
Qtr 2:18-11
Qtr 3:05-10
Qtr 4:20-06
HighestScore: Gurukul:Samikshya Neaupane(18),BernHerdt:Sunayana(10)

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