Dinesh Thapa, Secretary General of Nepal Basketball Association; is now Certified FIBA Manager

Posted: October 20, 2012 in International NEWS

Dinesh Thapa, Secretary General of Nepal Basketball Association is now FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Certified Manager. FIBA has awarded the certificate of “FIBA Certified Manager” to Dinesh Thapa after he completed the 10-module FIBA ACADEMY manager program.

Nepal Basketball Association Secretary General Dnesh Thapa with FIBA (International Basketball Federation) President Mr Yvan Mainini

10 module that were part of the FIBA ACADEMY Managers program were; Constitution & Planning Strategy, Administration, IT & Finance, Eligibility & Transfer of Players, Facilities, Ethics, Branding & Sponsorship, Media, Events Strategy, Events Operation, Branding & Promotion and National Federation Development.  Assessment was made after the completion of the program.

Dinesh is one of the first 5 basketball administrators of the world to be certified as the “Certified FIBA MANAGER” by FIBA. Dinesh along with Mary Ann Carlos of Guam, Chris Clearly of Scotland, Regan Kama and Judy Smith of FIBA Oceania were the first five individuals to receive the certificate of “FIBA CERTIFIED Manager” from FIBA and FIBA ACADEMY. And Dinesh is the first person from ASIA to be certified as the FIBA Manager.

Dinesh who holds the position of Executive Member of South Asian Basketball Association (SABA) executive committee was recently appointed in the FIBA ASIA 3×3 committee member and coordinator of SABA 3×3 basketball.

The qualification of “Certified FIBA Manager” obtained by Dinesh will be helpful for the development of basketball in Nepal and the qualification will  be helpful for the better management and administration of Nepal Basketball Association.

News Source: http://www.basketball.com.np/news-notice-details.php?news_id=90&type_id=1

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