2nd Premier Cup 3×3 National Basketball Championship

Posted: June 8, 2012 in National NEWS


Tie Sheet


Group A: Kaski, Xavier “B”
Group B: Southsiders “B”, Goldengate “A”, VS Niketan
Group C: Navodit “B”, Reliance, Goldengate “C”
Group D: Jhapa, Xavier “A”, Navodit “A”
Group E: Morgan “B”, Nakhipot
Group F: Premier “C”, Morgan “A”, Goldengate “B”
Group G: Premier “A”, Southsiders “A”, NASA “A”
Group H: NASA “B”, Premier “B”


Group A: Prime “A”, Goldengate “A”, Goldengate “B”, KCM, Premier “B”
Group B: Premier “A”, NASA, Sunsari, Prime “B”

  1. ellen says:

    i’m already late as the championship started today. but where is it held and at what time of the day? could you give me some informtion?
    thank you

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