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27 May 2012 / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) president Mr. Lama Tendi Sherpa is elected as the member of Central Board of Asian Basketball Federation (FIBA ASIA) by the South Asian Basketball Association meeting held on the side of FIBA ASIA Congress on 27 May 2012 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Total of 7 countries of SAARC (Afghanistan was absent in the meeting) were present in the meeting and Mr. Sherpa got 7 votes to elect him as the member of the Central Board of FIBA ASIA. This is a first time that any Nepalese basketball official is elected in the central board of FIBA ASIA.

National Sports Council (NSC) introduced a new working procedure and structure of its training department giving top priority to nine sports disciplines.

NSC has picked athletics, karate, taekwando, wushu, boxing, volleyball, football, basketball and cricket as the sports of top priority while judo, archery, shooting, weightlifting, badminton, table tennis, wrestling, swimming, kabaddi, gymnastics, chess and bodybuilding are categorized as second priority sports.

Likewise, handball, hockey, cycling, golf, squash, lawn tennis, triathlon, equestrian, soft tennis as well as snooker and billiard are considered as developing games and are kept under third priority group. According to NSC, all the non-official sports get fourth priority.

“Games with scope of winning international medals and with huge participation are given top priority while medal oriented games with less participation are given second priority,” explained NSC Member Secretary Yuvaraj Lama. “We have introduced training procedure accordingly and we´ll invest on the development of concerned game as per its priority,” he added.

Nepal U14 girls team left for Bangkok, Thailand to play series of friendly matches with different U14 girls team of Thailand. A 10-day learning trip for U14 girl hoopsters was organized by Nepal Basketball Association with help from Basketball Sports Association of Thailand. The trip is a learning platform for the U14 girls of Nepal, which will prepare them for the future.

The team will play various matches with U14 girl’s teams of Thailand. The matches will be organized and manage by Basketball Association of Thailand (BSAT). A special clinic for the Nepal U14 girl’s team will be organized by BSAT.

2 coaches & 2 officials are accompanying the team of 12 U14 girl players. Nepal Basketball Association Secretary General Dinesh Thapa bid farewell to the team. On the farewell program Secretary General Thapa said, “This is a series of learning trip for U14 players. Last year we had sent U14 boys team to Japan and this year its U14 girls team to Thailand. It is a learning trip and it is an investment of Nepal Basketball Association to prepare the team for the future. We hope that the players will gain good hands-on international experience and return with good confidence. It will work better for future of Nepalese Basketball.”

Below are the list of members of the U14 team to Thailand.


Name Designation


Mr. Man Bahadur Ale Manager


Mr. Purna Bahadur Neupane Coach


Ms. Maya Syangtan Assistant Coach


Ms. Bindu Adhikari Assistant Manager


Ms. Aarati Lamichhane B K Player


Ms. Aakriti Pun Magar Player


Ms. Anjana Thapa Magar Player


Ms. Bansikha Gupta Player


Ms. Gyanina Bakhati Player


Ms. Jenisha Gurung Player


Ms. Krishtina Thapaliya Player


Ms. Pratiksha Pun Player


Ms. Reshma Karki Player


Ms. Simbali Gadal Player


Ms. Soni Waiba Tamang Player


Ms. Sujita Thapa Player

Nepal Basketball Association

Upcoming Events

SN Name of Championship Date


Press Meet Date
1 Premier Cup Senior Men’s and Women’s 3×3 National Basketball Championship Jestha 24 – 29, 2069(June 6  –  11, 2012)

NSC Covered Hall

21 Jestha 2069(June 3, 2012)
2 Nobel Cup U19 Men’s and Women’s 3×3 National Basketball Championship Asar 7 – 10, 2069(June 21 – 24, 2012)

NSC Covered Hall

6 Asar 2069(June 20, 2012)
3 Morgan Cup National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship Asar 12 – 20, 2069(June 26 – July 4, 2012)

NSC Covered Hall

11 Asar 2069(June 25, 2012)
4 DABUR CUP U14 Boy’s and Girl’s National Basketball Championship Selection RoundJestha 28 – Asar 5, 2069(June 10 – 19, 2012)Final Round

Asar 21 – 28, 2069

(July 5 – 12, 2012)

NSC Covered Hall

26 Jestha 2069(June 8, 2012)
5 FIBA ASIA Level 1 Coaching Course Course DateAsar 26 – Srawan 9, 2069(10 – 24 July 2012)Certificate Distribution

Srawan 14, 2069

(29 July 2012)


Asar 25, 2069(9 July 2012)
6 FIBA ASIA Basketball Management Course Course DateSrawan 11 – 13, 2069(26 – 28 July 2012)Certificate Distribution

Srawan 14, 2069

(29 July 2012)


Asar 25, 2069(9 July 2012)

Nepal Basketball Association Secretary General Dinesh Thapa attended the meeting of FIBA ASIA MIDDLE ASIA SUBZONE from 7 – 9 May 2012 at Colombo, Srilanka.

At the meeting, NeBA Secretary General Thapa proposed the change of the name of MIDDLE ASIA BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION to SOUTH ASIA BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION; which was unanimously passed by the meeting. The organization, management and the future of the basketball in South Asia Sub Zone as discussed in the meeting.

NeBA Secretary General Dinesh Thapa (Second from right) with delegates of member federations. FIBA ASIA President (6th from right) and FIBA ASIA Secretary General (7th from right) were also present in the meeting.