Time to include ROBIN Khatri in National team

Posted: March 9, 2012 in National NEWS

(Photo taken from: http://www.nepalsportsphoto.com)

The long-time servers and the most experience players in the Nepal Men’s National team, Bipendra and Rabindra took retirement from the National Team. They have been very important part of Men’s National teams for a decade and were influential to other players with their skills and dedication to the sport.

Now, they have retired; Nepal Basketball Association should include Robin Khatri better known as Metro in the national team. Most probably the most skillful player and the best handler of the ball, khatri must be the next PG of the Nepal National Men’s Basketball team. Khatri has been declared MVP in the recently concluded three tournaments including in the 6th National Games.

A recent facebook survey among fans of Nepal Basketball; most of the fans suggested Robin Khatri should be next PG of National Team.

So long……..

  1. yogendra jung gurung says:

    fly high metro bro (guru) u can do it . U are the no.1 player of nepal

  2. computer69 says:

    hez gr8,,,,most desirable one tooo

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