Draw results for the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Posted: February 1, 2012 in International NEWS

FIBA on Tuesday concluded its draw for the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament, to be held in Caracas from 2-8 July 2012.

Group A: Greece, Jordan, Puerto Rico

Group B: Lithuania, Nigeria, Venezuela

Group C: Dominican Republic, Korea, Russia

Group D: Angola, F.Y.R. of Macedonia, New Zealand

The group stages will see the 12 teams play the two other teams in their respective groups in a standard round robin format (12 games in total). The top two teams in each group progress to the Quarter-Finals as follows:

A1 v B2
B1 v A2
C1 v D2
D1 v C2

The four winning quarterfinalists qualify for the Semi-Finals:

Winner [A1 v B2] v Winner [C1 v D2]
Winner [B1 v A2] v Winner [D1 v C2]

The two winning semifinalists automatically qualify for London 2012, while the two losing semifinalists face-off for 12th and final Olympic place.

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