Nepal women’s 3×3 team in first SA Beach Games

Posted: November 16, 2011 in National NEWS

Nepal women’s 3×3 team were in the fourth place out of 4 teams in the first South Asian Beach game, which was held at Hanbantotta, Srilanka from 8 – 14 October 2011. Nepalese people in Nepal and all over the world was celebrating Dashain (the biggest hindu festival) and at the same time Nepal women’s 3×3 team was playing at Srilanka along with 3 other South Asian counterparts. All the blessings of the people of Nepal were with the Nepal women’s 3×3 team but it all went in vain, as they lost all the matches.

The preparation for the 1st South Asian Beach Games were done well and the team was in good hands of experience coach Bikash Shahi. Best players were selected. But, why the team performed very low. What are the reasons??? Well below are some of the reasons (it is my personal opinion & I might be wrong).

One reason maybe the last minute drop of Alisha Ghale, sharp shooter of Prime in whom the Nepalese squad was hoping for MORE basket.

Another reason might be the MAT. The 3×3 basketball was conducted in the MAT, which was placed in the sand. It is first time for Nepalese hoopsters to play in the mat.

Or maybe we expected too much from the team?

Send your view……

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