3×3 Basketball Workshop concluded

Posted: August 15, 2011 in National NEWS

Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) organized “3×3 Basketball Workshop” with the theme “3×3 Basketball: An opportunity; from streets to the Olympics” on 15 August 2011 at Moodways Lounge, Kathmandu, Nepal.  Total 0f 25 participants from schools, colleges, district basketball association’s, players, coaches, journalists were invited to participate in the workshop. Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC) Secretary General Mr. Jeevan Ram Shrestha inaugurated the workshop while the President of NeBA Mr. Lama Tendi Sherpa and NOC members Mr. Laxman Shrestha & Mr. Chaturanda Vaidya were present on the opening ceremony of the workshop.

Mr Dinesh Thapa (Secretary General, NeBA), Mr. Narendra Thapa (Senior VP & Technical Director, NeBA) & Mr. Dinesh Chandra Nakarmi (Head Coach, NeBA) were the resource person of the workshop. Mr. Dinesh Thapa presented the road map for the development of 3×3 basketball in Nepal and also presented the international participation opportunity for Nepal as well as the importance to promote 3×3 basketball in country like Nepal. Mr. Narendra Thapa presented and discusses the FIBA 3×3 test rules. Mr. Dinesh Chandra Nakarmi presented the training methods of 3×3 basketball. The FIBA 3×3 test rules were discussed in the workshop.

Mr. Narendra Thapa (Senior VP & Technical Director, NeBA) gave away certificates for the participants.

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