Nepal U16 Boys 36 – 134 India U16, I don’t care; But I wonder how our boys lost with Srilanka

Posted: August 4, 2011 in ARTICLES

Basketball has been one of the major sport that have attracted me a lot. In the world of Football and cricket; my friends tell me that why you choose BASKETBALL????? Why not football or cricket??? I remember during my days; that there was not many (not even a single) basketball championship a year in Nepal, but I choose Basketball and I have the passion for the game and I know that Nepal will be good Hoops Nation.

Nepal U16 Boys Lost 36 – 134 to India U16 in MID ZONE Qualifying of 2nd FIBA ASIA CHAMPIONSHIP for MEN. …. SHIT, WTF, Who is the coach??? and many other negative thoughts and comments were posted in facebook, twitter and even my email is filled with the such negative comments.

  1. But what I want to say is that before putting in such comments; we must see the standard of basketball in India and Nepal. India is now the prime target of NBA and the National basketball coaching staff are led by Former NBA Head Coach Kenny Natt along with 4 foreign members in the coaching team. and You see Nepal…….. when our Senior Men’s team obtained third place in the MID ZONE qualifying round, All the contracted basketball coaches in National Sports Council was sacked by National Sports Council.
  2. Another example is that; look at the history of Basketball in India and Nepal. Forget other championship; we look at the junior National Basketball Championship for Boys (U16) in India and Nepal. The Junior (U16) national basketball championship in India is in 62nd edition and in Nepal we are in 2nd edition of U16 championship.
  3. Just look at the federations of Nepal and India. Basketball Federation of India was established in 1950 while Nepal Basketball Association was established in 1991.

So before comparing India and Nepal and having negative thoughts, please bear in mind the above mentioned facts and Now, India have invested millions of rupees in basketball and what is our investment???? So it will take time, maybe years or decades to catch India in basketball.

But as my Serbian  friend emailed me, how so we lost with Srilanka? Both our Senior Men’s and Junior Boy’s lost with Srilanka. So for the meantime we should seek the answer within us.

So no worries with lost with India; we need to be more concerned with lost to Srilanka.

Any comments (positive or negative) are welcome.

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